Friday, 24 August 2007

More NHS Lunacy, pt.94

£80m to pay off 700 staff at SHAs.

That is over £100,000 per numptie person. SHAs have only been in existence for 5 years. How can someone be paid off such sums after such a short time?

SHAs are being reduced from 26 to 10, so instead of large, inefficient geographical monopolies pestering our healthcare providers, we have a smaller number of ENORMOUS, inefficient geographical monopolies to pester even more abstract, anonymous and remote healthcare providers.

Instead of cutting SHAs from 26 to 10, they should break their geographical monopoly and have people choose which SHA they will use (PCTs and GPs can be with multiple SHAs). This way you can devolve NICE to each SHA and when a particular SHA makes a dimwit decision on medicines people can abandon it to shrivel friendless in the gutter. THAT is true democracy, "choice" and "consultation"!

Labour would never do such a thing, preferring to sit as arbiter in handing out contracts to their new mates private companies. I wonder why...

The Tories are no better, with their half-arsed idea of yet another layer of abstraction in the NHS Board.

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