Thursday, 9 August 2007

Tapestry Nails the Sociofascists

On Iain Dale's Diary there is an interesting, if rather long, comment thread connected to a post about the scandalous slurs thrown at Boris Johnson by racists and manipulators of the vulnerable (i.e. Sociofascists).

Tapestry responds to the multiple posts of one commenter, Peter Horrie who appears to be a Red Ken sockpuppet, thusly:

Only if we abolish humour totally will Horrid and his kind be able to begin to understand. Their world runs entirely around accusation, threat, blame and demands. They wouldn't recognise one where the likes of Boris flow their creative talents around. And they are not likely to do so at any time in the future.
Spot on. This is why Sociofascists feel so at home with their kindred spirits, the Islamofascists, a.k.a. Islamists and their running dogs at the MCB.

The Chinese have a saying "A man must silence his own dogs". It is up to the Muslim community to silence their dogs, or people will be even more convinced they like the sound of their barking. Same for New Labour and the vile, spiteful maggots that crawl out of every crack and cranny.

p.s. I have long enjoyed "the tap"'s comments - take a look at his blog.

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tapestry said...

Nice to get your support - your blog name is a bit terrifying, but I think it gets the point across.

What we called the Nazis in WW2, the Russians refer to as the 'fascists', so the two terms are close in meaning.

It is truly terrifying that we live in the UK with so much propaganda. I cannot imagine how the BBC think they are entitled to produce their own narratives and override the messages of democratically lected political parties.

I am sure that the BBC will ultimately pay a heavy price for its loss of honesty and objectivity. It is so dangerous when people cannot trust what they hear at all.