Friday, 24 August 2007

UK's Stab and Shoot Fest.

More killings. Stabbings, shootings.

Oxford man stabbed. Police car shot on M5. 11 year old shot in back in Liverpool. Not to mention the recent murders of brave souls who's only 'crime' was to get fed up with being intimidated by feral youth.

I don't think carrying a knife is the issue. Using one is.

Use of a knife currently does not bring an automatic charge of attempted murder. You stab someone and you risk killing them. This is attempted murder. The charge should be the default. There should be no other charge unless one is defending one's home or property.

Gun crime is drug related mostly. Witness how Nottingham's gun culture evaporated once a drug baron was put away. Answer: decriminalize drugs and dispense them F.o.C. to cut the business out from under organized grime.

Feral Youth in general. If such people are housed in State funded accommodation or that housing benefit is paid, then this should be withdrawn. Eviction and no more 'duty of care'. Parents should know there is consequence to their inaction, i.e. letting their spawn roam late into the night, and that consequence is to be out on the street with no more money from the people who's lives are made a misery. Make sure parents know this and yes, some high profile evictions if necessary, "pour encourager les autres".

Kicking or beating people when down should also be attempted murder as a default when 2 or more people are attacking another and seriously considered when 1 on 1. What else do you think is likely to happen if you kick someone who is defenceless? Death is a distinct possibility, so the act should be considered as an attempted murder. Ignorance is no defence. Instead of teaching Al Gore's lies about ice caps, maybe the hour or so should be put to more pressing uses.

We do NOT need any more daft laws, but we need our historic laws properly enforced.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Totally agreed (as ever).

Phil A said...

Absolutely – no argument.