Monday, 6 August 2007

David Davis MP, hits the nail re: "innocents"

I think this is a first. For once a senior politician has hit the nail I have been banging away at soundly on the head. The nail in question is the issue of weasel words from self-appointed "Muslim Leaders" who always use such terms as "we condemn attacks on innocents". I have blogged on this before. Such spokespeople clearly think their doubletalk will fool the population at large while confirming their jihadi credentials with the hysterical, self-righteous, carpet-munching, book burning muppets who seek to overthrow our society and subjugate the population.

For those that do not know what I am on about, the term 'innocents' is widely meant to exclude non-Muslims and any Muslims who are not pious or have been marked as such by Allah - who writes all their destinies, according to some. Thus, when a spokesperson says "we condemn attacks on innocents" they actually mean "we only condemn attacks on pious Muslims" and by that you can safely interpret to mean "we only condemn actions of non-Muslims on the Muslim community".

At last, David Davis MP and Shadow Home Secretary has said it:

In response to the recent attempted attacks in London and Glasgow, HuT confined itself to this general legalistic comment: “We reiterate our position that Islam does not allow the harming of innocent civilians.”

So were those targeted at Glasgow airport and the Haymarket “innocent” or “guilty” civilians? This deliberate ambiguity is telling.
Absolutely bang on. It is not just HuT jabberings, though. The MCB and others also trot out this disingenuous line. They are truly beyond contempt.


Phil A said...

An unoriginal comment on my part but - Excellent post. Nailed it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

David Davis says this sort of thing every few weeks ... over and over again ... and it is just as heartening each time! We are not alone!

DD, you rock!