Thursday, 30 August 2007

Sociofascist Media On the Prowl pt.4

The David Cameron interview on Newsnight.

What an utter shower the panelists were. Stef was totally irrational and they were all very "6th Form" who think they have an unpopular kid they can bully in front of a "knowing" audience. All very amateur and smart-arse, like those irritating ponces who pipe up during presentations - you know the kind: "what about 'always on'"?

The Devil's Kitchen gives them all a sound kicking, and rightly so. Appalling, the lot of 'em. How much are these amateurs being paid? Are they actually going around calling themselves "journalists"? I used to work for Reuters way back when, and I saw and knew a good journo or ten, and this pack of juveniles journalists they are not (hat tip: Yoda).

Is there a transcript? Their questions need a thorough fisking.

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