Monday, 20 August 2007

Leaving Iraq?

Should British Forces exit from Iraq, our political imbeciles leaders would do well to enable our lads and lasses to give the militias, and al-Sadr in particular, a short, sharp and very bloody nose just before leaving. Get them on the canvas for all to see, then, and only then, step away. Remove any credibility or pretense at "driving out" the British Army.

IIRC this has been the practice during various colonial troubles and handovers past. It should be so again.

Unfortunately, I do not think that the Neue Arbeit administration have read enough history to know of such things. History used to be the key degree to become a politician.

This is one reason why I like to see people like Boris Johnson involved, for he knows history and the Classics and can remember why people screwed up and why they did not.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

I think we should have withdrawn our troops as soon as they caught Saddam (i.e. after about nine months), and if it were up to me I'd tell the Army they can pull out any time they like (no point in me setting a deadline, that just gives the gam away).

But given some of those smug gits like Al-Sadr a goodbye kicking seems like a fine idea.