Monday, 6 August 2007

DNA on demand, while serious crime goes unchecked.

An interesting article by Sam Leith in the Telegraph on the moves to collect DNA as if it were our telephone number.

Sam Leith does not think the Police or the Government are pro actively gloating over the prospekt of a vast database to oppress the population. I think he is only a quarter right at best. I do think the Government is gloating over the prospect, not only for the immediate power of arbitrage they gain by the commissioning, tendering, evaluating and selecting of such a system, but because far too many therein actually believe they own the citizens, who are inconvenient biological infestations cluttering up their plans for a perfect society.

Of the Police, I am not so sure, but it is sure looking that way. One can have your house vandalised and the police only wish to ring you up to take details for their records. Yes - your property is damaged, your home violated and your safety threatened and all you get is a telephone call. No visit. Nothing.

Vandalism, robbery, mugging, disorder, abuse, threatening behaviour. These are the crimes needing attention, acts that should be nipped in the bud, not collecting DNA for speeding and littering.

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