Monday, 13 August 2007

Climate Camp My Aunt

A Unisex Greenham Common for the current decade has finally sprung up outside Heathrow.

Right off the bat it is a cynical, disingenuous act of spin. They are against the expansion of Heathrow, they say, and are duping getting local groups to support them. I pity these local protest groups - talk about spoiling the pitch for them! Well, I suppose if a major hijack is to occur, where else than an airport, eh?

What is not said is how many of these people are against flying, the consumption of hydrocarbons and even electrickery.

Protester Gary Dwyer, 34, said "there are many carbon criminals to think about who are driving climate change."

"Carbon Criminals" - a manifestation of the whole carbon footprint irrationality. Creation of "the other". Creation of nameless, faceless enemies. Guilt by association. Collectivist authoritarian newspeak.

Fact is, I am against the expansion of Heathrow, but my answer - building a new Airport on an artificial island in the middle of the Thames estuary - is equally abhorrent to these people. Forget that such an airport would remove the need for vast numbers of planes to fly right over the Capital. Forget that it would be easy to defend from terrorism compared to the current location. Forget that the fumes from the airport would be blown out to sea instead of right across the streets of London. Forget that the lack of housing and a sea approach could permit near 24 hour operation. Forget that the site of Heathrow has good communications and would be a very viable location for desperately needed new housing. Forget all that. Forget it, for we must HATE travel, HATE consumption and place our recycled organically smelted tin-foil hat on our heads and curse the global conspiracy of "carbon criminals".

I want this "Climate Camp" to fess up to what it really wants to do - restrict air travel to all but essential movement. I wonder if that would be their kind of holidays in "outreach" or "aid" trips or to visit other "climate camps" elsewhere? I wonder if the likes of Gore will be permitted, or "Aid Workers"? First to go would be cheap holidays and air flown produce and they would not have even started yet.

The protesters are, at heart, collectivists. I oppose them, not just for that, but for their duplicity and disingenuous sanctimony. They are not even juvenile - this is ab-dabs on the supermarket floor, toddler ranting, red in the face "I want my way" childishness. Any more of this and I might even call them Islamic.

p.s. climate campers, Roger is no "right winger" but is a Libertarian and thus anti-collectivist. If you can't tell the difference, you should be ashamed.

UPDATE: The NUJ are upset about media restrictions, which I also found irritating but not surprising, given their mindset of collectivism. Media control adds another pillar to the Fascist tent. Being militaristic and violent? We shall see.


Phil A said...

To them we are all ‘climate criminals’ flying away on holiday does it.

How big a step will it be for people who think like that to justify the sort of treatment the animal lib terrorists subjected people who work for animal testing companies – but on holiday makers, or airline staff?

Roger Thornhill said...

For these people, a very very small step. If they get frustrated or ignored, certain elements will begin to take more direct, personal and spiteful 'action'.

As I mentioned, they are collectivists, and with collectivists comes not just the collective but the "other", and the "other" is not considered human, but beyond the pale, subhuman and not to be pitied.

"assimilate or die".