Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Back Burner: Internet Provision

Some time ago Labour floated the idea of "free", i.e. taxpayer funded internet connections for all children, i.e. another vote buying activity. This reappeared in the Labour Conference 2008.

The government paying for your internet? Some think that is a good thing, but regardless of your hatred or obsession over "redistribution", there is a massive bear trap awaiting this good intention.

Once the government pays for something, it wants to control it. Utterly. It uses the excuse, not without merit in isolation, that if it pays for it, it should have a say. However, once you begin to have a say you end up with companies vying for the tender, which is a magnet for corruption., You then get poor purchase by the Simple Shopper, who will end up almost certainly with either a cartel or a monopoly. The excuse of control wears threadbare. It is not a good enough excuse for the unintended consequences.

If the above was not bad enough, expect the State to interfere in WHAT is downloaded or accessed via this "free" service. Those who are poor will be limited and restricted in what they will see. There are so many occasions when the poor are labeled "deprived" when all they are are poor or living in a ropey location - the disingenuous use of a word that implies proactive denial is rife and thrown about by "progressive" sorts (another such term used to deceive). However, in this case it will finally make sense. Those who end up with a State restricted yet "free" service - making the escape velocity for those on limited means very hard - will well and truly be deprived for the first time in their lives.

New Labour: Nationalised Feudalism.


Martin J said...
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Reversepsychology said...


Of course New Labour seek to regulate the internet.. That's what control freaks feed upon...

And to be perfectly honest, Id rather pay for my Internet connection, than be given ANYTHING by New Labour.

I just want them gone.....

I understand by reading through your own musings, that you yourself, like to take a rational and measured view of what laughably passes for a government in our Country today, but like countless others, Iv had enough of that now.
If you happen upon a New Labour supporting site on the blogsphere, and attempt to give "alien" opinions, your either deleted, derided or patronised by righteous Socialists, who know it all, and cede to nothing.
Attempt to talk about issues that "Must never be addressed", and that's heresy. They only ever wish to "debate" when their own rancid administration have lost the moral high ground, and are sinking deep into the pits of their own mire.

Like now for instance.

I believe the brand of Socialism, being carried out by the great New Labour minds of this present day, is an affliction that can never be cured. They wilfully destroy this Nation daily, with policies of outdated thesis of a bygone era, and subscribe to cultural suicide as if cowardice was a cure.

You may not agree with the road I am now personally taking, but instead of constantly frustrating myself in attempting to understand what makes these people tick, Iv gone "down market" - You Tube to be precise, and as the clientele inhabiting that particular vantage point, wish to be "Entertained" with short three minute bursts - of quote, unquote "Entertainment", then that's what I now attempt to do.....

Anti New Labour entertainment - as can be witnessed Here and Here

I'm reluctant to do it, but incorporating famous pop/rock songs into a message, does actually seem to get through to people who otherwise would keep well away from political subject matters.

Each to their own I suppose, but Iv come to the point where anything goes....Simply because, we just cannot endure five more Years of this odious regime...

We may well not exist as a Nation, if that does happen!

Roger Thornhill said...


I am a member of the UK Libertarian Party, which is how I see the way forward.

Use of Youtube is powerful. This has not been unnoticed by the LPUK.

BTW the original picture of the gate at Dachau just had "Arbeit Macht Frei" - Labour sets you free. I altered it to NeueArbeit - New Labour Sets you free as keeping the original German has more power as i binds into the original.

Reversepsychology said...


Iv recently looked into the the Libertarians myself, after noticing a growing resentment amongst New Labour bloggers to your Internet existence.

Indeed, the words:

"Nationalists without the Socialism".

Emanate from those particular quarters, so it's easy to see how they will attempt to soil your attraction if your message should take hold.

For the record, there's little, if anything that I fundamentally disagree with policy wise regarding the Libertarians, but as I'm currently residing in a marginal constituency, so close to an election as we are, I must do my bit to ensure the removal of my current New Labour incumbent.

Hence I must vote Tory at this present juncture.

And don't ask if I think Cameron will be the messiah, as in my opinion, the only thing he has going for him is that he isn't Gordon brown.

Roger Thornhill said...

The essence of Libertarianism is that we make our choices depending on our own circumstances.

While I will draw in my own box and tick "none of the above", at least my spoiled ballot is recorded.

As for the term "Nationalists without the Socialism", this is a framing error. Just because I am not a Federast or Internationalist, does not make me a Nationalist just as my not being Left Wing does not mean I am Right Wing.

Biffo said...

Think I'll keep paying for my own internet connection too. No doubt, in addition to deciding what you can access/download on NuLabour's 'free' internet, they'll also keep track of what sites you do visit & what you do/say there. Followed up very quickly by the 3 a.m. knock on the door as you're a 'dissident'. I really thought that word had gone out of circulation with the demise of communism - and here it's back again - in a country that once was known as the cradle of democracy. Terribly sad.

Roger Thornhill said...


What makes you think your paid for service will be free of interference? They will probably use it as an excuse to control ALL internet access in the name of "equality".