Monday, 8 December 2008

Director of Social Services in Haringey Sacked Without Pay

Well, it has, surprisingly, happened. Sharon Cobblers Shoesmith has been sacked without pay, we hear.

Let us see if there is a backhanded bung or other "consideration" behind the scenes. Maybe it was done so that SS of the SS could then mount an appeal later and get her "compensation".

Well, I am keeping an eye out for any attempt to backslide or even for this rancid Common Purpose unapologetic, arrogant Fifth Columnist to try and make another attempt to gain income from the public purse.

Try and earn a crust in the private sector, Sharon, and by that I mean the REAL private sector, not some "privatised" QANGO or other Righteous bolt-hole or Luftgesellschaft/Wibblefabriken. 

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