Sunday, 7 December 2008

Yet more insults to Rule of Law

We see a pensioner fined £60 because he states had his cigarette knocked out of his hand by a struggle between Police and shoplifters. Some prod-nosed clipboard wielding lickspittle decided to fine him instead of assisting the Police in an arrest.

The local council self-loathing Fifth Columnists and Fabian interlopers threaten the gentleman with a higher fine if he does not "comply".

Anyone care to guess what the shoplifters will (or won't) get?
Thanet Council's environment chief Shirley Tomlinson said: "We are happy with the process that has been followed.
"Thanet Council's campaign warns people the council will take a zero tolerance approach to anyone who drops litter, including cigarette butts and chewing gum.
"If spotted, no excuses will be accepted. You will be handed a fine.
"It is therefore important to dispose of any litter in the right way.
"Our wardens have been doing what they have been instructed to do and we cannot make any allowances."
"cannot"? Oh yes you can, you rancid little bureaucrat.


Biffo said...

No doubt, as he ticks his little box, the jobsworth will claim 'I'm ony obeying orders'. H'm, haven't I heard that somewhere before?

Henry North London said...