Monday, 1 December 2008

Swiss VOTERS back a £14m p.a. for Free Heroin

In the Daily Telegraph today we see that the Swiss via a referendum of 2/3rds majority have voted FOR a programme to give free heroin to addicts.

The trials had shown that it was a successful process. Addicts no longer need to associate with criminals, pay vast sums and potentially be forced via their addiction to crime because of those vast sums created by the very illegality of their addiction - and that alone. I am certain that the quality of the heroin they inject will increase their life-span and general mental and physical health.

The Government had been running a programme and tried to introduce a law, but one party did try and block it via a Referendum. 

Switzerland has also recently voted to continue to use Nuclear Power via referendum. Politically, drugs and nuclear are hot potatoes that can trigger irrational behaviour in political parties. This is when a referendum can unblock the process that has been constipated by the govt-MSM nexus.

The Swiss could easily impose a charge at some stage, evolve to allow heroin addicts to administer - this would mean, for example and initially, they only sell heroin with a clean syringe as a package so the requirement regarding supervised consumption can be relaxed. Heroin would become unprofitable for criminal gangs to sell. They stop bothering. You can see how criminal gangs would withdraw from drug pushing entirely if it became legal so allowing any organisation to supply.

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