Monday, 8 December 2008

Does What it Says on the Tin

Plane Stupid.

Disingenuous, Righteous Econazis.

Not content with wanting to live their own lives in a mud hut on the Danube (so they imply), they want to force others to believe or submit to their beliefs.

On one hand their scrubbed spokesmuppet on BBC London was bleating that they did not intend to disrupt passengers - yeh, right - but then said it was a success because 250 tonnes of carbon was not put into the atmosphere due to the cancelled flights.

Make your mind up.

Fights are high profile. There is a killjoy, envy politics angle to all this that is a hot button for all the disaffected Enforced Collectivists and unwashed Clarse Warriors out there. People who are frustrated about airport expansions are seeing their protests hijacked by these parasites who want to tack on the unproven, rabid and fantastical "Convenient Lie" that is AGW, now rebranded "Climate Change" because even they know it is bollocks but this is just too good a bandwagon not to keep pushing.

Heathrow should be shut and turned into housing, but the capacity of a three runway Heathrow should be built in the Thames Estuary with effortless expansion to 5 runways if need be.

Planes will eventually become less polluting with constant pressure from passengers. The FIRST task is to make them QUIETER. However, these protesters will have about as much traction over the flight industry as vegetarians have over the meat industry. The treatment of animals has improved because meat eaters want that to happen. Veggies have ZERO economic traction. Air travel will improve if and only if the passengers demand it, not a bunch of self-indulgent, infantilised, self-centred and self-righteous involuntary collectivisers.

They will not learn because their mindset is grounded in Socialism, which has been a flawed ideology since the day it was invented. Socialism does not recognise the sovereignty of the individual and as such cannot comprehend how to use self interest to improve the lot of all. All it can do is try and force others to obey. It is doomed to failure.

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