Thursday, 18 December 2008

Dusting off still pertinent words.

Thatcher speaks the truth, predicts, as if it needs to be a prediciton, of Labour failings economic and of the intentions of the leeching away of sovereignty to the EU.

Very pertinent we see Labour Eurosceptics, even Wedgie Benn. David, now Lord, Owen MP makes things clear in his intervention in the following edited video:

The full event can be seen here.

And people think things have changed for the better? No, they have got worse. The contempt for anyone not dancing to the EU tune can be seen by the outrageous behaviour of various Federasts in the EUdenrat towards the Czech President, which I am sure you can find on Youtube.

p.s. I did find it amusing how the Blimp-like Tory Christopher Beezley asked Dan "The Man" Hannan "will you come out can't say that!". Oh yes he can - prove him wrong.


Henry North London said...

Hear Hear

Mac the Knife said...


Bravo Sir! Priceless. May I knick it (with attribution of course)?

Roger Thornhill said...

Be my guest, Mac.

Mac the Knife said...

Most generous. Happy New Year, and many hours of profitable lefty-baiting to you...