Thursday, 11 December 2008

Break it to "Fix" It: Single Mothers to be forced to provide Father's Name

Via Timmy,

We see His Smugness, Pretty-boy Purnell coming out with this Authoritarian piece of codswallop. Jim'll Fix it, indeed.

The excuse is about providing support to the Mother.

Another example of Socialists screwing things up so they can "fix it" to their own dastardly advantage. 

Lets see how this works.

1. Fabians begin to undermine traditional marriage.
2. State begins to fund single mums
3. Need for sexual partners to be stable and reliable males reduces significantly
4. Further funding and support for single mums.
5. Explosion in number of single mums  (as in those who were never a couple)
6. Explosion in cost of Welfare
7. Gordon breaks Country's finances.
8. Coffers are empty.
9. State demands that the Father is identified to plug the gap*
10. Outrageous authoritarianism to achieve 9, requiring mother, child and father DNA from everybody.

How convenient.

What if we were not forced to subsidise all these births? Then the need to force fathers would not be of interest to the State, but it would be the responsibility of the woman in question to yield only to a man of good character that they judged for themselves to be someone who would support her. Far too trad, of course.

The woman would know the man. They could pursue claims for breach of contract via the courts. What contract? Well, some can get married, others can form whatsoever a contract they wish. If women and men want to be free and easy, then fine, it is their responsibility. Caveat conjugator.

* bit late, and the wrong gap, methinks.

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