Tuesday, 9 December 2008

So Called "new" Electric Mini

Oh dear, the luddite crowd are out again, pushing a half-arsed attempt at making an Electric Mini. It is deeply flawed and backward. It is nowhere near as good as the Mini made by PML Flightlink, yet no-nothing politicos and attention seekers are lining up to be seen with another throwback and technological tide-pool.

Well, it has a range of 200miles vs the PML's 900 (using backup generator), if it runs down you are stuffed, unlike the PML version. It cannot possibly regenerate all the energy during braking, as the PML needs a 600HP powertrain vs the 200HP of the throwback. The rear seats are lost, unlike the PML. I suspect this loss is because the PML uses hub motors, so the bonnet area is empty and available for the storage of batteries and that the battery space need not be so large due to the full regeneration capability. 

The Mini E is basically someone removing the ICE, stuffing in an electric motor and then scrtatching their bonce about where to put the batteries, sacrificing the rear seats and so rendering the Mini, frankly, a joke.

The PML Mini is a true series hybrid following on from the work done by such luminaries as Porsche, who made is first Series Hybrid hot-rod in 1901 - it went 70mph and used 4 hub motors. Quite a hot-rod 4x4. 100 years later and the Mini can squeeze out 20mph more. Not very impressive.

But, with no-nothing morons elbowing their way infront of this sham vehicle, I fear that it will get all the publicity and the no-nothings will buy it.

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