Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Fish Rots from the Head

Speaker Michael Martin appears to blame the Sergeant At Arms and comes out of the Damian Green Arrest Affair looking worse and worse.

Harriet Harman talks of concern, but I do not trust her an inch.

Mandy continues to pull the strings in the background.

Gordon mumble-swerves and tries to keep out of everything.

Jacqui Smith first deploys bombast, faux outrage and glares before finally reacting in something resembling a professional manner.

Police blag their way into the HoC and not only search an MP's office but bluff other MPs into leaving them alone AND then removing computers and documents WITHOUT A WARRANT.

A fish rots from the head, so it is no surprise the rest of the public sector is in such a mess.

"there is a contract and a bargain made between the King and his people, and your oath is taken: and certainly, Sir, the bond is reciprocal; for as you are the liege lord, so they liege subjects ... This we know no, the one tie, the one bond, is the bond of protection that is due from the sovereign; the other is the bond of subjection that is due from the subject. Sir, if this bond be once broken, farewell sovereignty!" John Bradshaw, the Trial of King Charles I.

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