Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Fencepost No.11: Proposed Website Classifications

Most of you know now that the Government is promoting the idea of a "voluntary code" for website rating.

Many have soundly fisked Andy Burnham's blatherings already, so I will just look into my crystal ball, because for me this is just a Fencepost...

  1. Voluntary Code for website ratings (Andy Burnham's latest)
  2. "free"* filtering software provided
  3. "demands"** for universal website ratings
  4. "free* internet" accounts to operate via above filtering only, centrally imposed
  5. State-funded rating agency "for free*" put out to (fat) tender to Google or such (to neuter commercial sector opposition)
  6. All page views harvested to "permit rapid detection of other dangerous content using surfing patterns" - bootstrapping, in other words.
  7. Delays in ratings for personal sites and blogs appear (corporate sites can afford the "fast track" service introduced)
  8. New Blog services appear that allow instant posting, but are utterly under the thumb of government and will filter or pull pages without murmur.***
  9. Ratings extended so kids "protected" from "subversive political comment", e.g. opposition to the EU.
  10. State ratings agency begins to refuse certification or pretends to delay due to obscenity, political or other reasons to protect "the children"
  11. Adults complain over limits to material
  12. ID-based log on is required to gain access to uncensored internet.
  13. The end of free speech and the total monitoring of all traffic.

* Noting, NOTHING the State does is "free", it is all taxpayer funded.
** from beholden State funded, subsidised or otherwise poodle bodies.
*** Typical Socialist/Statist trick. Break something, then "fix" it to suit them. They put you neck high in ordure then offer to only put you in it up to your waist - most people are thankful...

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Henry North London said...

I think the fence is almost built Roger