Monday, 17 September 2007

Blogger Now Thinks I am German

Maybe the title has confused the poor thing. I do not know.

Haabensie eine doppelzimmer mit balkon unt baad?

I know my German is a little rusty (like Rick), but although I could do with the practice, I prefer to operate my blog in English...


Henry North London said...

Have you fixed it yet or does it still say Blog Anzeigen?

Roger Thornhill said...

Nien, tis still sprechen zie Deutche mit "Tags verwenden"!

Is this happening to you, too?

Henry North London said...

View your profile then go to the language button at the bottom

Then choose English English instead of English UK/0 and normality will be restored.

It was funny when it started ( I even did a post on it) Its happened to everyone who has been using blogger recently

Neuearbeitmachtfrei as they say

Gesundheit and hope that fixes it

Why not pop over and have a look at Dodi's prayer on my blog its guaranteed for a laugh in anycase

Henry North London said...

Blogger put my back to German this morning you know I had to reset my language settings again

I think there's a gremlin in the machine!!!

Roger Thornhill said...

Me too.

Maybe one part of their cluster has invaded Poland.

Henry North London said...

It reset this morning again

Is someone in Blogger having a joke or something?

Jetz im arzt but I can't prevent blogger making me German. Maybe its a common european thing