Wednesday, 12 September 2007

FencePost No.3: EU Firewall

Another Fencepost. via Nation of Shopkeepers and The Croydonian.

General Franco Frattini EU Commissar for Dictatorship Justice, Oppression Freedom and Butt-covering Security wants to undertake a study with OUR money so he can pay HIS mates to see how OUR freedoms can be curtailed to HIS advantage.

Of course, all this codswallop is dressed up in the clothes of preventing people from understanding how to make bombs and such. Maybe General Franco is right to be worried. When the citizens of the late and no longer free Nations of Europe realise what he and his fellow parasitical, pimply-arsed, thieving, lazy, pompous, bureaucratic, authoritarian, sociofascistic scumbags have done to their lives and freedoms, I think about 250m people's minds would turn to how to blow the corrupt dogs up. Not that I would be one of them, y'understand - explosive devices are far too messy and clumsy, if you ask me. One would not wish to damage infrastructure, would one? General Franco would have to ban the search term "Turkish disemboweling cutlass" to prevent me from researching the means to take pustules like him out of circulation. He will know I mean business when I also buy a pair of PVC sewerman's gauntlets from Screwfix - I am not getting my hands dirty with the festering contents of that bloated carcass.

It is a fencepost, pure and simple. Once the mechanism is in place they will be itching to use it to control thought or filter out ideas. As soon as their rancid, unsustainable, broken system is exposed for the lie that it is they will have no option than do it other than just flee.

The EU cannot be reasoned with. England must leave it now. If NI, Scotland and Wales want to tag along, then great.

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