Friday, 7 September 2007

Polly: Almost made it...

Polly almost made it through an appearance or article without being a twisted Sociofascist. This time it was on the breakdown of "morals" and a reduction in politeness on BBC Porridge Breakfast this morning. Most of what she said was fine, but right at the end she just had to lob in a snide, disingenuous and envy-seated statement about charitable giving - that the rich only give 1% vs 3% by the poor. Of course, Polly likes to talk in percentages when it suits, but not absolutes. The rich give MORE in terms of cash value, which she did very quickly and quietly acknowledge, but Polly has to find a way of moaning about the rich and keep the utter fallacy and entropic mindwarp of "class war" going.

From where does this seemingly endless font of envy and hatred come from? I have a pretty good idea.


Henry North London said...

She happens to be a snob?

They do exist Im afraid

Mark Wadsworth said...

Whence, pray tell?

Henry North London said...

From Where?

My mother is a snob, You learn to recognise it in others very easily

Mark Wadsworth said...

It's not "from where" it's "whence", surely? As a budding author, you ought to know that!

Henry North London said...

Whence is an archaic form now

Thanks for the budding author comment.

Maybe I should write an NHS horror story

God knows Ive seen enough