Friday, 14 September 2007

"General" Franco Speaks Again: EU Immigration Laid Bare

Not content with wishing to censor and limit our access to information, "General" Franco Frattini is at it again, by proposing the EU allow 20m more immigrants in. We know the intention - to dilute the concept of the Nation State while keeping people insecure in their jobs or dependent on the State for housing and benefits, thereby drawing more power to the EU Superstate.

This is linked to the EU's idea of a common immigration policy. Once an immigrant is in, after 5 years they will be able to shop around move to another country at will, with disasterous results.

I do not blame the immigrants. If I were in their shoes, if I had the nerve and luck I would be paddling my way to the UK to try and make a better life for myself. That is not the point. Europe and specifically the UK cannot provide for all who would want to come. It just cannot. The least-worst situation is that the UK filters economic migrants on merit and National requirements. That way, the immigrants that do come are truly improving their lives and improving the UK in turn. People will not feel as threatened, immigrants in turn will not feel as threatened and more harmony will result. Before we begin to discuss further significant immigration, we need to review the Welfare State to ensure that people are not being incentivised into idleness. Once this is in place, the skills and potential demand for skills can then be more rationally assessed.

With a filtering system in place, the UK would then have to have a very strict, no-nonsense and rapid handling of illegal immigrants with NO AMNESTIES. This is to ensure the Rule of Law (specifically consistency) is upheld, as is the feeling that due process applies to all and that following the law of the land is an advantage, not a needless inconvenience.

I have for a long time considered the best way to deal with asylum seekers is to fix the country that they flee from. This is the long term, sustainable answer.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

That is the only answer.

I feel desparately sorry for about 500 million Africans and a couple of billion Asians, but we don't exactly have room for them all, so we?