Monday, 24 September 2007

"A Stronger Fairer Britain", Mr Brown?

I posted the following here over that The Telegraph at 10:35, 24th September. The T had the decency to post it up:

A stronger and fairer Britain? No, A safer, efficient and free Britain, please.

We need less government and more personal freedom. Personal freedom comes hand in hand with personal responsibility and accountability, the reverse of the infantilisation, "rights" and compensation culture of Socialists (e.g. Labour, Lib Dems, recently the Conservative Party and the daddy of them all, the EU). Disband State or State-sanctioned monopolies, strengthen Rule of Law and dramatically reform Welfare.

We need a Libertarian Party of Great Britain!

Ways forward

1) Health. Evolve NHS into a first rate insurance-based scheme provided by a plurality of companies as they have in Switzerland, Germany, France. People can swap providers, but providers are legally bound to accept policies.

2) Education. Remove the State monopoly on Education as presided over by the LEAs. Vouchers are one way forward. Any competent organisation should be able to set up a school where they wish. Result is likely to be a surplus of good or better places = parents' heaven, as happens in Sweden.

3) Disband the raft of QANGOs which execute government policy in private and without parliamentary scrutiny and cost us £160bln+ pa. Throw out Regionalisation, which is a stalking horse for the EU to disband England.

4) Flat tax plus significant personal allowance (e.g. £12k pa) so the poor do not pay income tax, nor are they forced to beg for tax credits. The rich cannot and need not bother with tax accountants. Each person is taxed fairly. No need for a vast administration.

5) Law and Order. Repeal vast amounts of useless, fascist and nannying legislation that has occurred in the last 30 years. No wonder our legal aid bill is astronomical! Build significantly more prisons and lock up persistent offenders for longer.

6) Reform Welfare. No benefit or housing increases if a person expands their family. The Welfare State can then help those who fall into poverty, as opposed to those who decide it is a lifestyle. Cut down the Welfare Hammock and replace it with a net. Evict disruptive families and cut off their benefits. Word will spread and most people will reform themselves.

7) Decriminalise the consumption of drugs. Distribute drugs for free from registered outlets for consumption on the premises. Result: Gang and drug barons have no money. No money source, no power, no motive for crime.

8) Asylum claims need to be made at port of entry. All others and those who are "discovered" should be rejected out of hand as illegal immigrants. Introduce points system to welcome skills and talent. Illegal immigrants and asylum seekers who cannot prove a solid case (e.g. they could just as well have moved city in their original country) repatriated. If they refuse to disclose country of origin, use language experts to determine country of origin and deport anyway - they refuse to cooperate, so it will be their responsibility of they are repatriated to the wrong country.

9) Do to all the above, it is necessary to step back from political union in the EU and become a member of the EFTA.
More power to the Libertarian Party!

UPDATE: Roger gets two (or is it 1 and 1/2?) nods in the comments.


Henry North London said...

I like this post.

cxx_guy said...

Wouldn't it be funny if after all these years, Americans started moving to England to be free?