Thursday, 13 September 2007

That Iranian Interview in Full...

Snow: Hand on heart - you do not want a bomb?

Dinner: "Americans and British - if they have it {nuclear facility} - what is the issue? Why have it? We don't need it {a bomb}."

Roger's Translation: "We don't need it, but we want it."

Snow: Can you say that no Iranians are involved in the killing of British solders?

Dinner: "I should say this to the good British people about the things that happen .. {unclear} .. We are sorry for your soldiers to be killed, we think that peace should exist. Why should there be invasions so that people are killed? We want friendship. Our message is friendship to all - all nations all human beings - anybody who is killed, we are against that. Your soldiers, poor soldiers, they don't know where they are to be sent, they don't know which part of the world, why should they be killed? British youths should be in their own country, serving their own people. We want peace and friendship for all. We should help. This war should finish."

Roger's translation: "(of course) I cannot say that no Iranians are involved."


Mark Wadsworth said...

Our message is friendship to all - all nations all human beings

Except the Iraqis and the Israelis, of course. And the Americans.

Roger Thornhill said...

Islamists do not consider unbelievers to be proper human beings, and that "friendship" is conditional on submission.

The self-loathing useful idiots in the MSM are lapping this guff up.