Monday, 10 September 2007

Housebuilding is not housebuilding if you knock them down.

We have a laughable, no, tragic situation with the news that Labour targets are bribing encouraging corrupt, amateur gangs of incompetent yet busy buffoons local authorities to "build" more homes. What do the Local "Authorities" do? Knock down Victorian terraces and replace them with rancid, pokey, ugly cardboard boxes modern houses that are unlikely to see out a decade without major repair.

That is not "building" you IDIOTS! It is called "replacing". In typical New Labour style, they destroy what is wanted and what is good and replace it with "modern" which is low quality, expensive, flimsy and unwanted, except by the parasites who cream off their wedge from the whole sordid business.

The source of all this lunacy: Prescott. It could be any of the New Labour incompetents. It occurs in Mad Hazel's patch, but that is no surprise.

Winners: Construction industry and 'House'-builders and I suspect a percentage goes to the useful idiots at the council - why else would they do this?
Losers: Taxpayers, residents, the environment (both in terms of energy used and the fact that new housing is almost always UGLY).

We know from Andrew Gilligan's recent television report that Council numpties are being led by the nose to enable 'house'-builders to grab prime sites containing viable owner-occupied properties so they can redevelop them, even though these areas are outside the zone containing previously council-built decay.

How many more times do we need to be shown that State Housing is a recipe for disaster?

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