Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Person collides with Fence Panel

A good samaritan is not just arrested, but brutally so on the M67.
Graeme Deacon was on the M67 near Hyde, Manchester, when he saw the accident on the opposite carriageway. He crossed over and helped the driver to safety. Then a second car drove into the back of the first and caught fire. Mr Deacon helped to free the young driver. Police arrived and offered to drive him to his vehicle. But Mr Deacon said: “The carriageway was empty. I could have crawled across on my hands and knees. There was absolutely no risk. A police officer said, ‘You’ll wait as long as it takes, whether it’s five minutes or two hours. You’ll stay there.’ I went to walk off and three of them pushed me face down in the gravel, hit the back of my legs with a baton and handcuffed me. One said, ‘Shut up or I’ll spray you with CS gas’.”
This is an example of when a fence panel is slid in place between the fence posts we are now surrounded by.


Henry North London said...

So my brother is correct when he tells me that we are living in a police state?

This is outrageous and unfortunately means that I'm getting closer to wanting to leave Britain when and if I can manage it.

Idiocy and Brutality are words that come to mind here

Mark Wadsworth said...

This is very worrying, what on earth were the coppers thinking? Even if they refused to turn a blind eye to him jaywalking, at least they could have driven him back there and then pronto.

Phil A said...

Sounds, on the face of it, like a slight case of the OTTs from the boys in blue there.

Presumably the argument would be that they were ‘protecting’ him from the possibility of getting run over…

Roger Thornhill said...

It is not OTT. The coppers exhibit a bizarre mindset.

It is a combination of:

1) given barking mad orders and PC/elfin moonbattery to follow
2) accept above without question
3) Anyone not obeying such is considered a criminal, no, subversive, seditious lowlife (crims have more rights) by default and without question
4) Brute force to be applied before asking questions or engaging brain when dealing with subversive, seditious lowlife.

An example was the delegate 2 years ago (I think) who shouted "NONSENSE!" when Jack Straw was speaking.

45govt said...

The Force involved is Manchester I believe, and I suppose this disgraceful incident is not unconnected to their inability (or lack of balls) to do anything about their crime-ridden patch, and when they see a safe way to use a bit of force, they can't resist. Little old ladies, be very afraid.