Monday, 3 September 2007

You know you are a Libertarian when...

Further to The Devil and Guido's theme...

You know you are a Libertarian, when... realise a "tax cut" is not the State "giving", but just "not taking so much" realise the purest form of Democracy is in every transaction we make with our own free will.

...we should form a party called "None of the Above". realise all the State wants to do is draw power to itself or take a percentage.


Henry North London said...

Have you tried the smallest political quiz on Facebook

Im a terrible Libertarian and very lefty liberal

But I approve of illegal drugs being licensed and taxed. Imagine what we could do for the afghanistani export industry and kill off the drug barons in one step

Roger Thornhill said...

Have you read my post on LibertarianUK?

Henry North London said...

Help me out here Where can I find that post ?link?

Roger Thornhill said...

here . seems to be AWOL at the moment.

Henry North London said...

Ah Yes Very valid, You may or may not know that I was until a few months ago, a practising psychiatrist

Ok leave the tax out An ampoule of pure pharmaceutical diamorphine costs less than 86 pence for 10 mg

I have worked with the drugged up homeless of westminster ie W1 the ones that sell big issues and beg for money for their drug habit and commit crimes such as breaking into parking meters etc.

I agree with that post you made wholeheartedly and I wish the government would bloody listen.

Thing is according to the conspiraloons out there the establishment are heavily involved in the drugs trade and it would wipe them out which is why the government doesn't do it according to them.

They have a persuasive argument that the government allows this because if it doesn't there would be assassinations and political terrorism in Britain otherwise and meanwhile provides the government to push the war on drugs whilst actually not doing very much.

Gosh I've rambled sorry I wasn't very well in July and August and probably missed the original article when you first posted it up

Roger Thornhill said...

No worries, Henry.

I do not think it needs a conspiracy of direct involvement, just the lure of power, big budgets, departments, clout. The willingness to face up to hard gangs is something needed in our force, so I would not criticize that as such. Better this was directed elsewhere.