Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Brussels Throws a bone: Beware.

Brussels has decided not to pursue its fanatical obsession with eradicating Imperial weights and measurements...for now.

I suspect this is just to try and diffuse the EU Treaty issue. Once signed, I suspect metrication will be enforced more brutally and the UK will be unable to do a thing about it, seeing as Sovereignty will have been ceded by the Traitorous Scumbag Gordon Brown and his lickspittle party of spineless, imbecillic, toadying, no-nothing 'kwits.

As far as I can tell, Gordon Brown must be lined up for the head of the ECB AT LEAST, or even something greater in return for his "loyal service" in not having a Referendum. Mark my words, he is on a promise. This control freak would not risk the control he has over the UK if he were not in line for an even BIGGER fiefdom.

Gordon Brown, you Communist, authoritarian, insecure, vain, bone-headed villain. YOU, Gordon, are ceding from the UK. Fine. If YOU want to, YOU go, YOU cede YOURSELF, alone, but you have NEVER had the mandate or could EVER have the authority to cede MY Sovereignty unless I personally and explicitly agree to it, nor the Sovereignty of any other individual who has in turn not explicitly and personally agreed to it. You do NOT have the authority to offer up the nation to that craven, duplicitous, sociofascistic rabble in Brussels. Your "red lines" are a joke. They are Maginot Lines. They can and WILL be outmaneuvered in a trice and I know you know that they can be. Even you, you dandruff-encrusted, snot-mining baboon are not THAT stupid, but you ARE stupid enough to think that we are ALL fooled.

However, congrats to you and all politicians and media parasites since 1945 in creating a population mostly made up of dependent sheep who are more concerned at the outcome of next week's Corrie than the fate of their nation and who have the critical reasoning of a bacterium and the self-responsibility of a 2 year old. Yes, infantilisation: Job done, Socialists, you utter venal, parasitical scum.

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In particular this I suspect this is just to try and diffuse the EU Treaty issue