Monday, 17 September 2007

Not Left or Right, but Authoritarian

Today I have been painting the walls. In an attempt to make that task more interesting and to make me feel glad I was at least watching paint dry doing that, I turned the TV in the background to the Parliament channel that was showing the dead live broadcast of the Fib-Dums.

Now I have descended from my paint bespattered ladder and rinsed out my rollers, I see The Devils Kitchen has as usual beaten me to the chase in posting on a very interesting dichotomy the Lubberals have got themselves into - basically on trying to be Liberal whilst being the Liberal Democrats.

We have Ming The Merciless talking about "not left, not right", with the assertion that they were Liberal and not Authoritarian like the others (a common theme in the identity of being a Lubber is to "not be like the other two", I have noticed). No. The Liberal Democrats so WANT to be Liberal, but cannot help themselves being what they really are - authoritarian, redistributing do-gooders who have also not so just swallowed the Green Religion (of Unthought) but gone on to regurgitate it up and hand it around as canapées.

It was not just Ming who was banging the drum. The Lib-Dem's Vince "Vin Biodiesel" Cable - threw a Pollyesque canard about Executive Salaries while moaning about Northern Rock. That juicy envy-laden bone was eagerly snapped up by the audience.

We had Steve Webb getting all Facebook and promising "to enable you to decide about your health and education". Yeh right Steve. If he were serious, he would be suggesting we step away from State Monopolies in Education and Health, but no, he only wants the scope of decision making that a prisoner would have - do you want green veg or orange veg? People would be "allowed" to "decide" from a false dichotomy via "consultations" managed by a whole new raft of QANGOs and bureaucrats.

During the day we had more hints at a push to PR, which would result in a totally weak, ineffectual and deadlocked National Government, which, I suspect is precisely where these Eurobitchesphiles want to see the UK end up, i.e. more power to Brussels.

Oh, and BTW, the Liberal Dumboldtwats have voted NOT to have any more Nuclear Power Stations (i.e. we will be in hock to Putin or Sarkozy) and to promote Biodiesel (i.e. we will starve tens if not 100's of Millions of the poor and pump even more CO2 into the atmosphere).

They really are daft.

To cap it all they had Barroso on stage acting like a Borgia while Ming jostled to "touch cloth" in more ways than one. What an oleaginous reptile that man is.

In stark contrast, Jenny on BBC's Daily Politics suddenly became almost Libertarian in her questioning. Quite aggressive. Paddy Pantsdown was in the London Studio and Brillo was on site primed to enjoy the entertaining and fleshpots at Blackpool. Paddy came across as a pompous ass. I think all the recent attention has gone to his head. He tried to brush away the Treaty Referendum in such perverse ways it was obvious Paddy has a fat, cushy EU job in the pipe and certainly would not risk his guilt-gilt-edged pension. "Sold out" really does not do that man justice.


Mark Wadsworth said...

There's as much to hate about the Lib Dems as there is the other two, although there are little glimmers of "not quite so twattish" among the dross.

Roger Thornhill said...

True, but, from what I saw from "conference", it seems the less twattish are outnumbered so their amendments did not get carried even though they made rational arguments.