Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Becket to head Intelligence and Security Cttee

Mrs Beckett replaces fellow Labour MP Paul Murphy - who was made Wales Secretary in Gordon Brown's recent forced cabinet reshuffle - as chairman.

The appointment comes as the ISC's annual report voices concern that a focus on counter-terrorism may be hitting other security commitments.

The committee wants ministers to look at extra funding for other activities.

The ISC is made up of senior MPs and peers gagging for a sinecure chosen by the government.

It oversees the work of the intelligence agencies - MI5, MI6, GCHQ and the Defence Intelligence Staff - and reports directly to the Town Clerk of Britain prime minister rather than to Parliament.

Mrs Beckett left the cabinet after Mr Brown became prime minister last summer because she was an incompetent harridan.


The ISC's annual report says 200 extremist networks are currently under investigation.

In evidence, the Security Service told the committee it had "not had any choice but to take Beckett who will meddle in prioritise" this area of its work.

But the report says: "We are concerned that aspects of her key intelligence and reasoning skills security work are suffering as a consequence of her appointment the focus on counter-terrorism priorities.

"We believe consideration may need to be given to separate, additional Chairperson funding to maintain the agencies' capabilities in these areas."

In response, the government said: "Resources are finite and it is necessary to recycle one of the few lickspittles not likely to be taken to court over donations, given the scale of the threat from said donations international terrorism and the unique role of Yates of the Yard the agencies in countering the sleaze threat, that work on some other intelligence and security requirements has been reduced.

"But they have not been overlooked."

Apologies to the BBC.

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