Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Doctors as Autonomous Human Beings

Over at the Kitchen, the Devil posts on the issue of GPs and how they appear institutionalised by the NHS.

I blurt out the following:

In the far east, good doctors with a vocation to the art have thriving private practices charging top whack and then they do additional out of hours "freebie" or near as damn it low cost work for those who cannot afford it.

The giver decides who gets their charity. The asker decides if they are able to pay the going rate or should they, must they, go to the other sessions. The wealthy pay and have the dignity not to sponge. The poor have dignity too, knowing that even the charity sessions are already quite expensive for them and feel glad and respect the doctors who take time to help them - the act of charity is a way of doctors giving respect to the poor, valuing their health and welfare. Doctors are held in high esteem by ALL sections - rich or poor. They both know the doctor is a valued resource and they are fortunate to get a chance to visit them.

It is all about connecting the giver to the receiver. Of course, Socialists cannot stand the idea that someone gives charity when they choose (how DARE they!) or that people ask for it when truly in need (how "demeaning"!) - they prefer the middle classes to be forced like indentured servants to toil away paying for it all while the poor are dependent and "grateful"*. Socialism hates connecting giver and receiver, as it wants to be the one handing over the cash, the benefits, the keys, the treatment, the charity. IT wants to put itself between every person, every soul, teacher and pupil, doctor and patient and now we see even between parent and child.

God I hate Socialism - it is so inhuman.

* fat chance - something given for free by right is rarely received with gratitude but is eventually snatched out of the hand with contempt. Why? The disconnection, of course.


Henry North London said...

Time to flit then!

oh just a few more months and I will be free to leave Britain...

Cant bloody wait I tell you

Mark Wadsworth said...

That's how it used to work pre-NHS. It's called 'differential pricing', a bit like cinemas charging half price admission in teh day time (because that's mainly the unemployed and pensioners) or having cheap off-peak fares. And it works fine, all in all.

Phil A said...

It seems that Drs are becoming more and more left wing patrician and authoritarian with each year. One wonders if they need deprogramming.

Now, according to a survey conducted by Doctor magazine, Doctors want to withhold NHS treatment from patients they judge are too old, or who lead unhealthy lives.

They want to bar; Smokers, drinkers, the obese, elderly and those seeking "social" abortions from receiving some treatments/operations.

Henry North London said...

No Phil thats the BMA our useless organisation thats prompted by the government to put out such propaganda

Its nothing whatsoever to do with doctoring at all

Phil A said...

Henry, I know the BMA and the Chief Medical Officer appear to be promoting a rather scary line that might almost be a second cousin of something from the third Reich.

I was under the impression that this had come from a survey of Doctors conducted by Doctor Magazine, thought it is possible the results were doctored ;-)

I guess you are saying the result was not necessarily representative of the 'Dr on the Clapham Omnibus'…

Henry North London said...

Nope in fact I have my doubts about the validity of who was surveyed...

It is spin pure and simple

Most of us cant be bothered who the punters are but the fat ones do cause a lot of hassle when you see how much they are over weight and in denial about how much they actually eat

But thats another thing altogether One survey by a magazine is not representative of 140000 doctors not by a long shot