Monday, 21 January 2008

Jacqui Smith: Useful Idiot.

...and even then no use to me.

Not a good few days for Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary.

We had her prattling on about internet censorship of "terrorists", which I suspect is going to be a scandalous, rent-seeking, opportunistic and disingenuous gold-plating exercise of the EU plan.

She blurted out that she would not feel safe walking alone at night in London. She does not have to, as she has now escaped into that protective bubble of cabinet office for which all her hypocritical colleagues clamour for. Whatever Jacqui says, crime against the person is up and, just as importantly, the police and the State in the form of the courts and CPS, are seen as at best ambivalent and increasingly hostile to the law abiding population. The resolution of all these ills lies at her door, for this is the source.

I have always felt Jacqui Smith would at a stretch be a mediocre HR Manager at a cardboard box factory in Northampton. A comment by muggeridge in the comments to an article over at the Telegraph says it very nicely:
The new Home Secretary rates as very minor amateur politician. She reflects very middle class values about this generation of i-pod lovers. The Peter principle with everyone rising to their own level of incompetence seems about right. British ministers seem to be a bunch of yes men/women like Des Browne or Tessa Jowell or Hazel Blears. Foreign Secretary Milliband should be working at the main reception at the Dorchester hotel checking out the guests*. Figures like Sir Geoffrey Howe or Sir Michael Heseltine are in short supply. PM Brown requires a non-descript team of blank faces. Apparently good life in the suburbs has made our Home Secretary as informed as a avon lady.....maybe they do live on another planet as JANET says!
Posted by muggeridge on January 21, 2008 9:11 AM
Worst of all, though, is a pitiful attempt to "do something" which only highlights her amateurish, ignorant and unthinking methods - branding terror activity "un-Islamic". An example:

At one point Mrs Smith said: "As so many Muslims in the UK and across the world have pointed out, there is nothing Islamic about the wish to terrorise, nothing Islamic about plotting murder, pain and grief.

"Indeed, if anything, these actions are anti-Islamic."

Has Jacqui Smith ever bothered to read the life of Mohammed? Clearly not.

I guess am un-Islamic** and I suspect most Muslims in the UK would be considered so too by the Islamists. Regardless, it is not for Jacqui Smith to decide who is or is not "Islamic". The fact that she is attacking un-Islamic behaviour is so utterly stupid, because it would need her and her cronies to decide who is or is not exempt from "un-Islamic behaviour" or what sort of un-Islamic behaviour needs action to be taken. It is totally unworkable. It does not need such a label - if people of whatever religion or political creed kill random citizens then that is a crime. Period.

I do think Useful Idiot Jacqui has listened too much to organisations like the MCB. For them they must be licking their lips, for if you start using this frame of reference, they will need to be called in to 'decide' what is and what is not. Access to classified on going investigations perhaps? Who knows. I do not think this is by accident. Jacqui Smith has used the term and I really do suspect that very soon the MCB will worm itself into the loop.

The best weapon against home grown jihadis, IMHO, is ridicule. If the MCB gets splattered by a heavy dose, then that is their lookout.

*Yes, Miliband checking out guests. You would certainly not want to have him checking them IN for fear of losing business.

** for I am a Libertarian beer-drinking bacon sarni eater who believes in Rule of Law.

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