Monday, 21 January 2008

Pat Condell pulls no punches pt94.

The ever-dry, rapier wit of Pat Condell sets about the Canadian HRC dhimmitude.

Pat socks it to'em.

This is a nice augmentation to the ongoing exposure of the 'tyranny of the banal', the very lawsuit mentioned, which is going on in Canada. The Trench picks out an excellent soundbite, which pretty much nails it "I don't answer to the State".


Spot on. The above vid reminds me of Pulp Fiction when Tarantino was "discussing" with Jules and Vincent about coffee, storage, brains and getting f***ing divorced*.

We shall not grant them the moral authority, for they neither deserve it, nor are able to exercise it. These Fifth Columnists, these self-loathers need a mirror held up to their miserable faces for a reality check.

* no counselling, no trial separation...

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