Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Eight For 2008

It seems Harry Haddock over at Nation of Shopkeepers has tagged me with Iain Dale's current meme of top 8 wishes for 2008.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. The LPUK launch rapidly gains ground and favourable grass-roots public exposure and buy-in, shaking up the Westminster Village much as Patrick McGoohan did to Portmeirion - be seeing you! - supplimental: the tectonic plates shift, splitting all three parties on their way to forming into Leftie, Centre-Left, Centre-Right and, of course, Libertarian groups. The LibDems to cease to exist, natch.

2. The EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty causes an almighty stink by being rejected in Ireland and the UK debate exposes the treason.

3. Gordon Brown is brought down by a plot hatched by Miliband, only for Miliband to be beaten in the run-off by Milburn. Delicious.

4. No mass murder at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, unless you count the Chinese ruthlessly putting down an Islamist plot to cause same. That'll learn 'em.

5. The environazi Peoples Watermellon Resistance Brigades to be exposed as the control freaks and Authoritarians that they are.

6. The Median Wage Year to become a de facto measurement, exposing the true extent of government waste to the electorate.

7. Someone stumps up the £100m needed to fund IEC Fusion full scale functioning energy-generating prototype who will also enable the UK to use the technology FoC.

8. Selfish Gene: The health, prosperity and comfort of my extended family, friends, political allies and business associates blossoms, grows and continues uninterrupted.


Anonymous said...

In the meantime, avoid gordon sanitaire.

Support Free Europe Constitution by voting YES at!

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Number 2 is my main hope.