Thursday, 10 January 2008

Property Rights and Smoking: German style.

I hear via Tim Worstall that an employer fired three non-smoking staff for threatening to be disruptive if they did not get a non-smoking section. At least they did not demand the entire office become non-smoking*

I am very much of the opinion that a company owner (owner, note, not employee), should have the absolute right to hire or not whomsoever they wish for whatever reason they choose and with absolutely no comeback or complaint. It is their company, and they should not be put in a situation where a prospective employee could, via the law, force the employer to hire them, regardless of if it were trumped up, circumstantial evidence or outright bias. Imagine how productive that employee would be, knowing that the employer had no choice in the matter? Funny how that mindset is also that of the Statist - no true choice. Second thoughts, I do not think it is in any way coincidental.

* the true Leftie concept of demanding the freedom to form a voluntary collective that seeks to implement an involuntary one, like the kind that now infests all our pubs.

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