Friday, 18 January 2008

March of the EU Superstate: Trial In Absentia

Via DK.

I am absolutely flabbergasted. LickspittleBaroness Scotland is about to agree - or is that rubber stamp? - to enable extradition from the UK to another EU vassal province Member State for people tried in absentia and for that person or persons so extradited to immediately go to jail, do not get your day in court, do not get a trial by your peers. People do not even need to be TOLD they are being tried in absentia. It brings a new dimension to the Three O'Clock Knock.

Off course, if you are a member of the politburo EU Commission, various attached security services, para-police forces and misc traitorous flunkies, you are in effect extra-judicial, so this never ever applies to you. Baroness Scotland is likely to be one of those who are exempt from this pestilential concept. It is presented as a "tidying up exercise" - we've heard THAT before with the Constitution Treaty. It is presented as normalisation, but is in effect reducing us all to the lowest common denominator. This is no surprise to me, seeing as the whole pus-filled, bleb-encrusted carbuncle is basically Socialist.

It, however, most certianly applies to US! Question: When I am taken away, will my wife get a receipt for her husband?

If Lickspittle Baroness Scotland agrees to this she is a Traitor. She has betrayed the people of the UK. I suspect though, as all such functionaries are, they "rationalise" this by telling themselves that they are "only obeying orders". That, and seeing as they have bought into the whole caboodle, its gravy train, pensions, sinecures, expenses and insulated lifestyle*, above even "laws" like this.

Thousands of years ago, 300 Spartans stood and defended what was then the beacon of Liberty - not idealised democracy, but the rights of people to vote and overturn their leaders by due process . ~They stood, fought and refused to yield against monarchy, tyranny and absolutism born from the delusion and pretence of divine power.

EU "Law" is not my Law. It is alien. It is what the British fought against. It is what we rejected and have been rejecting until the Fifth Columnists gained power. The English Common Law is my Law. I was born into it and I wish everyone could be born to it and remain should they so choose.

Go, stranger passing by, and tell the Spartans that we lie here dead, obedient to our Law.

* "It is as if the Pharaohs have returned..."

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