Monday, 14 January 2008

Organs: The Fist Clenches...

...and he expects you to have to ask him to let go.

It is no surprise that Gordon Brown* is in favour of "opt out" organ donations. As I blogged previously back in June 2007, this mindset - "we own your body unless you ask us" - is appalling.

Now, in the article in the Sunday Telegraph, Brown does not say explicitly he is in favour, but I do think it is not an unreasonable conclusion to make considering he is floating this Statist air-biscuit of a plan.

He kicks off with typical spin:
However, we may need to do more to encourage more of us to donate.
An opt-out is not "to encourage". How can it be? No, you are aiming to profit from complacency, from ambivalence.

Disgraceful, but not surprising.

"Soylent Red is PEOPLE!"

* who does not seem able to donate his nasal mucus to a hankie...

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