Monday, 14 January 2008

Ridicule: The best weapon.

I hear that plans are afoot to create a Dad's Army Jihadi version.

Excellent. One thing that utterly differentiates the British mentality and the Islamist is the ability to laugh at oneself. Islamism, like many fundie religions, is incapable of self-mockery and one wonders, of humour in general. In Dad's Army, one laughs at and with. I hope this new project makes the most of the format. it has the potential to be a cracker and may finally enable people who just happen to be Muslims to get these sorry people out of their hair.

However, I suspect it will be a PC lawyer's dream and will get shut down for "insulting the self proclaimed Prophet of Islam"

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Hmmm. What happens if, like Dad's Army they are portrayed as basically well intentioned, loveable and ultimately harmless? But heaping ridicule on them is a good place to start.