Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Fencepost No.8: Chipped Like Dogs.

Via Samizdata, Prisoners to be chipped like dogs.

This is a Fencepost*. Once you chip prisoners, you chip ASBOs, drunk drivers, drug users, immigrants, asylum seekers, benefit claimants "to stop identity fraud", people on bail, all those easy targets that seem harmless and will not affect "you", but will establish precedent and build the infrastructure and be ready for when it will. It will not take a very great leap of imagination to suggest this "replaces" ID cards. Tin-foil hat, anyone?

I can see them now saying how much "easier" it will be. Easier. Easy is like "modern", "change" or "new". It is not the same as better, or to be an improvement. They eschew such words for they know it will be an total lie instead of half of one.

I tell you the only people who need to be "chipped like dogs" are those coming up with and agreeing to stuff like this - and when I say chipped, I mean in the 'Fargo' sense of the word.

*I summed the term up here thus:
The problem is, they will outlaw almost everything while enforcing very little. Imprisonment by stealth. People will not know they are encircled until it is too late - like putting in all these very deep, robust fence-posts with no fence panels. All seems open. One day you will wake up and the panels are in, you are trapped and they can decide what law they wish to impose to nail whomsoever they desire.

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