Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Soylent Red is PEOPLE!

An excellent Common Error at the ASI (hat tip The Devil):

Common Error 9. "It is wrong to allow bright children to go to special schools. This deprives the ordinary schools of their beneficial influence."

It goes on to say:
The vicious notion is that children, whether bright or not, should be regarded as the instruments of the ends of others, instead of ends in themselves. Children do not exist to serve the purposes of the state, it is the other way round. The concern should be with what is of benefit to the individuals concerned, rather than with how they can be made to serve some ideological view of society.
This ties in with the organ donor mindset, the very fact we are taxed so highly, the recycling and green tyranny*, the push for ID cards, chipping people, smoking bans...basically much of what the present EU-submissive government is doing.

Soylent Red is PEOPLE!**

* I recycle and conserve, but it should always be a matter of free will.

** For those of you who do not have the faintest idea of what I am on about, look here.

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Harry Harrison eat your heart out ;-)