Wednesday, 23 January 2008

ID Card Scheme "delayed"?

Leaked documents hint at a 'delay' to 2012 for widespread issuance to the general public, so says the Telegraph.

A couple of points pop out.

The Government has said it plans to make ID cards compulsory, but only after a "voluntary" period during which anyone who renews a passport or driving licence will be automatically issued with a card.
So this is not voluntary you scumbags! Since when is a passport or driving license - renewal compulsory if moving home - "voluntary"? Disingenuous scumbags! David Davis needs to be tearing the government a new one each and every time they try and use the term "voluntary".
Pressed repeatedly whether he stands by plans to make ID cards compulsory for all UK nationals, the Prime Minister said only: "It is the Government's policy to move ahead with this but subject to a vote of Parliament, depending on how the voluntary scheme works."
DAVID?!!! New arsehole. Gordon Brown. NOW!
James Crosby, the head of the HBOS bank, completed a review of the potential private sector uses for ID cards last year. But the Treasury has now confirmed there is no date set for its publication.
I wonder why...*
An ID card could be made a requirement for holding a job in a "position of trust" such as teaching or social care from 2009.
An MP is a position of trust, as is a Local Councillor, Magistrate, Judge, Barrister, Lawyer, Lord Chancellor, Policeman. Lets see them all get chipped like dogs and see how they like it. Lead by example, Mister Brown. So, by 2009, then, eh? Lets see it for MPs before the end of this year. I suspect that driving license still has the Manse on it, no? Renew it for your change of address, Gordon. Lets see how long it will be before your biometrics are found in a laptop on a roundabout outside Corby**.

More delays = more cost. The very nature of the rollout is an insult to the nation and people. "voluntary" my painted arse!

* I have long thought that institutions like Banks could provide us with a pluralistic, free market alternative to an insidious, mission-creeping State-run ID card system.

** No offence to Corby, btw, the roundabout had to be somewhere.

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