Friday, 17 April 2009

China and Copper Reserves.

There is a curious story in The Telegraph about the idea that China is looking to copper, not as a means to wire its country, but as a reserve metal.

A number of interesting comments. One of those that stood out said this:
Healthy sceptic on April 17, 2009 at 05:46 AM
Excellent article. The media is obsessed with Jade Goody's private life, McBride's emails, the latest entry in Pop-stars, Beckham's shoes, etc..Concentrating on entirely the wrong issue.

The Chinese are proving far more ambitious than the Japanese. Brown is setting out to save the poor of the world - by taking money from the poor of Britain. And the Chinese are chasing real wealth. China wants to divert the proceeds of the world's mines into it's factories and workshops. Meanwhile the liberal-Marxists running the West are concentrating on ethnic representation, outsourcing, rescuing bankers, taxing real work, celebrating celebrity media culture, designer clothes and wall to wall sports coverage. The Chinese have realised that Marxism is a load of nonsense - but they need the West to keep trying Marxisim. The Chinese are using Communism the same way Singapore used conservatism - as a front for Confucian values. The West is bogged down in liberal Marxism and is going down the tubes. You will see the BBC agreeing with Ambrose in five years time - by which time Britain will be totally bankrupt, and Englishmen will be queuing up to work in mines in Australia for Chinese bosses. Brown will be writing his memoirs, and the Observer will be serialising them. And nobody will seem to notice. Gordon Brown will leave Britain a basket case. Britain needs a real leader to turn everything around - instead a dithering delusional idiot is in charge. The left in Britain continually lambasted George Bush. America will recover from George Bush. But Britain will never recover from Brown and his liberal new left nonsense.
Another poster talked about their gladness at the initiative. They were Australian. Now, although that sounds nice in some ways, just be careful that one of the points in the post quoted above does not come true - the mines in Australia owned by Chinese. Never say it will never happen.


Henry Crun said...

No wonder the Chinese are so enamoured with Robert Mugabe - Zimbabwe and next-door neighbours, Zambia, are rich in copper ore.

Roger Thornhill said...

Indeed. It has gone on for some time. People in Zambia are very upset at the behaviour of the Chinese - never like this with the British, they say.

It is a big con - they get billions in ore for the price of a railway, which they build with Chinese labour, run with Chinese rolling stock and use to ship the ore to the coast. Outside of the elite, Zambia basically gets diddly squat.