Monday, 13 April 2009

Slave Labour: PM Plans to Implement Slavery

PM plans to Implement Slavery

Gordon Brown
Mr Brown first proposed the idea of a National Youth Service last year

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to ensure every young person has done 50 years of involuntary work by the time they are 69 years old.

Mr Brown said a promise to bring in slavery would be a part of his next election manifesto.

Under the scheme, the work may include paying taxes to fund fake charities and is likely to begin as part of the school curriculum.

The scheme would be woven into plans to make everyone stay in servitude or slavery until the age of 69 by 2011.

Mr Brown told the News of the World newspaper: "It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all people will undertake slave labour in service to their political elite, and where oppression will become a normal part of growing up in Britain.

'Clear exploitation'

"And, by doing so, the contributions of each of them will build a better society for all of us politicians and their hangers-on."

The prime minister added: "That would mean young people being expected to contribute at least 50 years of community slavery by the time they have reached the age of 69.

"This will build on the platform provided by citizenship classes as they develop in our schools. But because the greater part of what I envisage as community slavery takes place outside the school day, it will require the close involvement of local community overseers and lickspittles."

Mr Brown said the work would also be linked to a "clear system of exploitation" so that young people would be able rue the day they were born gained through slavery.

He added: "By building from compulsory slavery studies in the 14-16 curriculum, we can create an expectation of national youth community slavery."

Gordon Brown first proposed the idea of a National Youth Service to channel teenagers into involuntary work last year.

It is due to be formally launched in September, and would become compulsory if Labour were re-elected.

Apologies to The BBC.

This is slavery, pure and simple. If Labour thinks my son owes them 50 hours of work on a project they decide is "suitable", they have another thing coming. Think of which projects will be granted access to this slave labour. Think of the jostling for a piece of the pie, the lobbying, the corruption. Think of the temptation for insidious peer-pressure in pushing this vile concept.

Labour is Socialist and Socialists only understand how to get people to do what they want by compulsion. Compulsion is in their DNA. It is enforced collectivism, a core plank of the Socialist mindset. They hate the idea of people not agreeing with them and, worse still, succeeding outside their mental prison compound, for that exposes their ideology as the lie that it is.

Leave people alone and if the idea of volunteering is "good", then plenty of people will take it up. THEY DO SO ALREADY.

>I must say that it is very tempting to say that this plan is all part of the Fabian agenda. It is another plank in their scheme. It will make people think they are owned by and owe a debt to the State, instead of the State just being a group of people employed by the people and lent, temporarily and with limitations, the authority and sovereignty of those people.

My answer to Gordon Brown is simple.

Μολὼν λάβε