Monday, 6 April 2009

Resisting Resistance is Futile! IPJ's "Window".

Re the previous post about the Database State trying to snoop on all our traffic, presuming guilt before innocence.

Ian Parker-Jospeh, Leader of the Libertarian Party has put forward a simple, neat, novel campaign to swamp the monitoring systems in regard to email. The basic idea is to attach a boiler-plate footer to each and every email containing various hot keywords. This will mean all traffic needs to be read and inspected, something that will be increasingly impossible to do as more and more people attach the footer, rendering the attempt at surveillance for naught. It is the internet equivalent of "Window".

NOTE: THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF PEOPLE INVENT THEIR OWN FOOTERS!!!! - copy Ian's and it will be simple to filter your attempts out, as it will be one note and not noise!

The Government wants to live by the Database, so it will DIE by the Database!

As a parallel, I propose the introduction of an off-shore proxy server that you connect to via a 256-bit AES IP Tunnel, rendering snooping an expensive hobby in terms of CPU resources, which is now under serious consideration.

Just admit it, you bunch of prod-nosed bureaucrats - resisting our resistance is futile!


Paul Lockett said...

Completely agree.

As well as using an off-shore proxy, Tor should work to achieve a similar result, with the additional benefit that the traffic wouldn't be routed through a single proxy server, making it even harder to monitor.

I produced a blog post in January outlining what I was doing to make my e-mail and web browsing harder to track. I'd be interested to know if anyone can see any flaws in the approach.

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