Saturday, 4 April 2009

They are Town Clerks, not CEOs, OK?

I just saw this over at the Kitchen:
Annual wages:

Chief Executive Merthyr Council (2009-2010 Budget £104 million):


Chief Executive Ofcom (2009-2010 Budget £136.8 million):


Chief Executive NASA (2009-2010 Budget $19.7 billion / £13.3 billion):

$177,000 / £119,000

Just sayin'

Can we just stop this nonsense of Councils calling their head "CEO"? They don't sell to anyone, they have a captive market, they are rent-seekers, protection racketeers, ponces. A State-commissioned monopoly. A CEO could lose their market and the organisation taken over - these people are just bureaucrats. The job was, is and should be called "Town Clerk". Once they are called what they really are - Town Clerks - the stupid salaries will be far harder to justify.

And who said that Capitalism and Bankers were "greedy"?