Thursday, 30 April 2009

Someone Please Explain why Mr Noumbiwa needs to be outside Cameroon, let alone in the UK?

Got tipped off about a plea to stop the deportation of an Illegal Immigrant/Asylum Seeker. I must say I smell an opportunistic rat.

Anselme Noumbiwa fled Cameroon in 2006 because he was at risk of punishment for not adhering to the tribal traditions of the *Bamileke people. As the son and heir to the tribal Chief, Anselme was expected to assume his father's role, which included 'marrying' his many wives. When his father died in May 2006, Anselme refused to become the new Chief because polygamy contravened his Christian beliefs. In an attempt to force Anselme to comply with tradition, the village elders subjected him to the most degrading and terrifying torture.

Now, the Bamileke people are one tribal group in Cameroon concentrated in the western provinces and not part of the National Government AFAICT.

There is no central Chief, but many many small tribal fiefdoms, often at the village level, though their villages are said to be large and compact, so let us call it a town. Even so, I suspect we are not talking about an event involving all 2m Bamileke!

Cameroon is previously a French colony. Ergo, Mr Noumbiwa would surely be aiming for France. No?

Fact is there are countless people who wish to move to the UK. Many are following the legal channels, often paying large sums in Visas and waiting their turn under due process.

To keep pandering to stunts and, on the face of it, rather dubious, non-sequitur claims by Asylum Seekers rather insults the very term. It costs a fortune. It delays valid claims. It brings disrepute to valid Asylum Seekers fleeing genuine State or organised terror that would affect one across that nation. You know, like opposition leaders or activists, suffragettes, human rights activists or Gay Iranians.

I suspect that Mr Noumbiwa could quite happily live his life no worse off than his fellow Cameroons if he just lived away from his tribal homeland. You know, like in the nearest City. So, the Cameroon Government is a shit, bleats the supporters' website. Well, by that logic all the population of Cameroon should be permitted to stay in the UK. The best way for Cameroon to be fixed is for the Cameroons to stay and fix it themselves. Nobody else is going to do it.

This case appears to me to be like my pleading Asylum to live in Switzerland because da Slough Massive beat me up.

Fact is, while we have various people supporting what appears to me to be a rather tenuous claim for Asylum, we had countless Gurkhas being denied entry or being deported. I know where my focus has been.

Joanna Lumley committing an act of knife crime.

There is a queue. A very long queue. British people like queues for the very reason that they are fair. Fill out your form. Get in the right queue. Stay in line. Wait your turn. No criminal record, honest intent and skills to offer? Right this way, if you please!


Paulo Ferreira said...

Lovely... Goebbels would not have exposed the issue in better words. Following your reasoning I suggest you return to the land of your ancestors schnell, schnell i.e. Deutschland uber alles. You can even choose the time... around 1933. Bliss!

Roger Thornhill said...

Paulo, your bodysnatcher scream says alot about you and nothing about me.

How could it?, for you have clearly not understood the post one iota, nor do I think you have even tried, for you have no response beyond your attempt to silence.

Beth said...

Please refrain from comment on issues like this unless you know and understand the full story. Anselme is a friend of mine, who was hideously tortured by his own people for refusing to sleep with women who were like step-mothers to him. As Anselme would not comply with their traditions, another chief cannot be named until he is dead. There is no chance of him being safe in Cameroon. The torture he sufferred is a million times beyond your hypothetical beating up by da Slough Massive.

Have some compassion on a guy who has sufferred far more than you will ever comprehend.

Roger Thornhill said...

Please refrain yourself from emotional blackmail when someone "dares" ask questions.

You are not even asking if he is given shelter - you are almost demanding it and criticising those who disagree, if in a different tone to a previous commenter. Shame on you.

If you want to garner support, more evidence and less heresay and kneejerk denouncing might help.