Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Legislatum Ridicularis!

Today we hear of a "raid" on Harry Potter actor Jamie Waylett's bedroom to seize £2000 worth of cannabis plants. The story calls them a "farm". As in "ant", I presume.

The plants were stashed by his playstation and DJ decks and lit by hydroponic lamps.

The chap was lifted as he was found to be driving erratically. Driving while not in proper control of your vehicle is not something I will defend. The police saw the behaviour and pulled him. I am fine with that. Had this been a random stop, then that would be another thing entirely.

They did find 8 bags of cannabis in the car. Now, I am not sure of these are "baggies" or "Lock Stock" bin-bags. I suspect baggies, given the apparent scale of the "farm".

Thing is, outside of the driving, which could apply to someone on flu medicine or Bacardi Breezers, what harm is being done by the baggies or even the 'erb cultivation? Surely the chap is able to avoid contact with criminal elements created by the very fact that cannabis is prohibited? Is that not a good thing?

Someone tell me what harm has been caused by possession and cultivation? No fraud, no theft and no violence.

We need to end prohibition and stop wasting Police time. Nab him for the driving offence and that should be the end of it.