Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Parking the Beast. Subsonic Pr0n.

The BBC kindly shows us the difficulties of turning around Obama's limo - nicknamed "the Beast"* - in Downing Street.

Now, I suspect this is a little schaudenfreude by the econazis, sandalistas, self-loathers, lentilists and lycranazis in the BBC of whom some secretly covet the opportunity to waft down private lanes like all good Stalinists should.

Still, I am not really complaining as you can just detect the near sub-sonic rumble of the powerplant driving the Beast as it negotiates the 7 point turn. While I do look forward to the introduction of electric vehicles, like steam engines, ICEs do have a sensual dimension. They do say that the low notes and subsonic tones of Church organs inspire feelings of the divine in people, a spiritual sensation, and I think this has something to do with the attractiveness of large engines. Not for me the wail of a Ferrari - I much prefer the lower bass rumbles, effortless torque rather than high-revving power. The nearest I have in my own 'fleet' was a V4 Saab (which sounded like a V8), a Triumph Vitesse (the old Herald version with the 2ltr 6) and my two 2.8ltr straight 6 Mercs. These last few weeks of warmth have allowed me to enjoy the sounds reflected off the hedgerows of Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

* Shrek might have been more appropriate. Boy, is it UGLY.

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