Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Fencepost No. 13: HIPs

A stooge of the Fake Charity WWF-UK* talks about treating the owners of poorly insulated homes as "criminals". DK over at The Kitchen does a fine disembowelling.

And people wonder why the rent-seeking HIP was forced through against all common sense? It was a fencepost after all and we are being softened up for the panels to be slid in place.

The HIP was a cover for the introduction of compulsory EPA inspection. Cooper near as damn it lied about it being for surveys and "buyer information". If buyers want it, sellers will provide it. But, as I have posted recently and many times before, we are talking about Authoritarians here, and Socialist ones at that. They do not consider people to be rational actors, but clay. Clay for their hot, eager little hands to mould into shape. They are not content with clearning away obstructions so people will make a sensible choice for themselves -I would not have been fussed if they just proposed the standard format for an EPA should someone want to have it done. No, they want to compel. It is easier to then say "we were right", just as Kim Jong Il says he is popular when he gets 100% of the vote...

What will it be, I wonder? A higher stamp duty on houses with lower EPA ratings? Will they "refuse to issue a HIP" on poorly rated homes which means then the house, technically, cannot be sold. Who knows? What I suspect is that the home insulation Mafia are about to get payback. Rent-seekers, man your clipboards!

* surely they mean "WTF-UK"?

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Chalcedon said...

I think we all realised that HIPs are to fulfill the energy diktat of the EU. That's all they are for. plus they earn this corrupt byunch of wasters 15% (now) of vat every time.