Thursday, 16 April 2009

Tea Party Event Skim

Just a rapid skim past the Tea Party demonstrations in America protesting about the Bailout/Fiscal Stimulus/Robbery going on.

Some interesting pictures over at Instapundit.

Just to point out some slogans that caught my eye:

"Keep the Change! Give me back my paycheck!"

"I need a bailout to pay my taxes!"

"Greed is spending our children's money" (always lost on the anticap Socialist carpet munchers)

"Bailout + Debt = Fiscal Child Abuse"

"American Citizens are Tea'd off" (took me a couple of goes to read that one, can't think why).

"Debt is the problem - how can it be the solution?"

"Don't spread my wealth, spread my work ethic"

"Save trees - stop printing money"

"Reward responsibility, not irresponsibility"

And a couple of LOLs

"Tax his teleprompter"

"In GOD we trust. Obama & Congress? eh...not so much"

The most important one:

"Tea Party today. Tar and Feathers Tomorrow".